Between war and peacetimes

Cotes de Duras wine can be traced back to the VIII century. 
The wine makers continued to prosper up to the middle ages in spite of the Normandy raids and the hundred years war that actually led to the development of important commerce with the scandinavian countries in the XII century.

Birth of the wine region

All throughout the centuries there have been famous people acting as ambassadors in Europe for Duras wine. The Pope Clement V, the king of England, then Francois I demanded that the Ducs of Duras salute the nectar of duras.
In 1873, the phylloxera (aphids) destroyed a large portion of the vineyards.
A story from the commune of St Sernin  re-counts how a winegrower flooded his vines to save them.

The winegrowers in the cotes de duras then saw the pinnacle of their success around the XVIII century , then after that the Bordeaux region became the more famous of the two.

Creation of the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlée) .

In 1937 the duras region was one of the first throughout france to obtain the AOC certification which guaranteed its authenticity and originality. This certification enables the consumer to identify a wine that is typical of the region.

Berticot today

Berticot now boasts 120 winemakers who produce their wine from 1000 hectares (of which 55% has the appellation certification)
In partnership with Prodiffu, it's 500 winegrowers, 4000 ha of vineyards and 15 different AOC certifications.

A brand known throughout France and Europe and honoured in the most prestigious competitions.

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