The producers

The Producers

From the vine to the glass, the story of wine isn’t just a question of technique or finance, but above all, of the producers.

The roots of wine are set deep in the French culture, and it takes a veritable medley of people to contribute to the wine making process. 

With 120 growers, the wine makers of Berticot are spread out over 15 communes, with their small holdings varying in size from 3- 25 hectares. 
On average they represent 55 % of the appellation ( close to 1000 hectares).

Tales from a wine grower

“The work of a wine grower is a profession which can sometimes be very testing because the working conditions are hard throughout the seasons.
The winter cold arrives at the time of cutting the stems, and the summer heat is upon us when it’s time to tie the vines.
But my favourite moment is, without a doubt, the harvest”

“Each year, we double our effort when creating the wines to produce the best of the best.
This results in us being able to baptise a portion of the wine ‘cuvee premiere’ (the finest selection).  This is sold from the shop that’s attached to the Berticot cave, and also from many restaurants across the region, which gives our wine growers a great sense of pride.

“At the end of august I take the first samples of my grapes to the technician in the lab at the cave, who advises us when to harvest.
His help is very precious to guarantee the optimum results from my grapes.
I recall a phrase that my father always said.  90 %of the quality of a wine is defined at the harvest.”

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